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Website Development and Migration


Bedrush, an up-and-coming online store specializing in high-quality bedding products, faced a major hurdle in creating an attractive online image that would connect with its target customers and boost sales. They needed a web development partner who could turn their love for great sleep into an engaging digital platform.


Furniturefy took on the task of revamping Bedrush's online presence by using creative web development techniques. They focused on a modern design, easy-to-use features, and a smooth user experience to bring Bedrush's passion for quality sleep to life online.

Project Name
Web Development and Migration
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Web Development & Store Management

How We Work

What we Did

We started by delving into detailed consultations to grasp Bedrush’s brand identity, target audience, and distinctive value proposition. This formed the basis for crafting a customized web development plan.

Employing cutting-edge web technologies and frameworks, we designed a visually captivating website that is mobile-friendly and optimized for speed and efficiency.

Our focus was on creating user-friendly navigation, showcasing high-quality product images, and streamlining the checkout process to elevate the overall user experience and drive sales.

We also prioritized implementing robust security measures and e-commerce functionalities to ensure the safety of customer data and facilitate secure transactions.


After launching Bedrush’s new website, we surpassed expectations in design aesthetics, functionality, and user engagement.

We observed an impressive 400% surge in website traffic and a 300% boost in conversion rates within just one-month post-launch.

This success elevated Bedrush’s brand visibility and market standing, establishing it as a top authority in the bedding industry.

Furthermore, our efforts led to a substantial increase in online sales and customer retention, resulting in exponential growth and a significant return on investment for Bedrush.


Through a collaborative partnership and unwavering dedication to excellence, Furniturefy turned Bedrush’s digital dreams into a tangible success story, empowering them to excel in the fiercely competitive online market.

Our innovative web development solutions not only elevated Bedrush’s brand image but also nurtured stronger bonds with customers, enabling them to embark on a journey toward improved sleep and overall well-being.

How We Work


  • Implemented highly targeted keyword strategies to ensure Bedsland Furniture ads reached their ideal audience.
  • Crafted engaging ad copy highlighting unique selling points and promotions to entice potential customers.
  • Utilized advanced bidding strategies and real-time analytics to optimize campaign performance continuously.

Optimization Statistics


Through strategic PPC management and relentless optimization, Furniturefy enabled lovemybedss Furniture Brand to achieve unprecedented growth in sales, ROI, and online visibility. Our collaborative efforts transformed Bedsland Brand’s digital presence, establishing them as a formidable contender in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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