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Lovemybedss, a top e-commerce seller, reached out to Furniturefy for help in boosting their online presence, increasing sales, and maximizing ROI through PPC ads. Social Media Marketing , Seo  Despite their strong products, they faced challenges in gaining visibility in the competitive digital space.


Furniture FY thoroughly analyzed Lovemybedss' target market, competitors, and current PPC efforts. Complete in Depth Seo Audit With this data, we crafted a strategic PPC strategy centered on targeted keywords, engaging ad content, and careful campaign refinement.

Project Name
PPC advertising and marketing
Lovemybedss Furniture
Our Role
360 Digital Marketing Services

How We Work


We deployed precise keyword strategies to ensure Lovemybedss ads reached their perfect audience.

Created captivating ad content showcasing unique selling points and offers to attract potential customers.

We utilized advanced bidding techniques and real-time analytics to constantly refine campaign performance.


Doubled Lovemybedss sales in the initial three months of the PPC campaign, a 150% increase.

Exceeded client expectations with a remarkable 200% boost in ROI.

Increased click-through rates (CTR) by 75%, leading to higher traffic on Lovemybedss website.

Lowered cost-per-click (CPC) by 40%, optimizing ad spending and enhancing profitability.


By implementing strategic PPC management and continuous optimization, Furniturefy facilitated significant growth for Lovemybedss Furniture Brand in sales, ROI, and online visibility. Our collaborative approach revamped Bedsland Brand’s digital footprint, positioning it as a strong competitor in the competitive e-commerce market.

How We Work


  • Implemented highly targeted keyword strategies to ensure Bedsland Furniture ads reached their ideal audience.
  • Crafted engaging ad copy highlighting unique selling points and promotions to entice potential customers.
  • Utilized advanced bidding strategies and real-time analytics to optimize campaign performance continuously.

Optimization Statistics


Through strategic PPC management and relentless optimization, Furniturefy enabled lovemybedss Furniture Brand to achieve unprecedented growth in sales, ROI, and online visibility. Our collaborative efforts transformed Bedsland Brand’s digital presence, establishing them as a formidable contender in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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